At Fox in a Box Design, we pride ourselves on our sustainable approach. Our lead designers, Chris and Lisa, graduates of the Circular Design Europe programme, have worked with industry leaders like Johnson & Johnson, Stryker Medical, The Polytechnic University of Catalonia, InkVine Consultancy, among several other Irish start-ups, providing design solutions and consultancy, tailored towards sustainability.


Our approach is one of a Build-Test-Refine method, where we continuously work with our customers ensuring we are create a product to suit. The result is well designed, sustainable furniture, which follows the principles of circular design, ensuring these will be the last pieces you'll not only need, but want to buy. 


We grew incredibly tired of the amount of furniture waste ending up in landfills (23.6 million pieces, every year, in Ireland and the U.K.). You're probably here because you're tired of it too.


So, should you require our design services, please drop us a line. No project is too big, or too small, to have a chat about.