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Design Thinking Workshop

Design Thinking is a design methodology that helps solve problems using a human-centered approach. Our workshop focuses on empathy, with the goal of creating better and more useful solutions for the user that improves their lives. This isn’t just about talking to the user, you’ll also be producing a functional prototype that you can test with internal or external users - all within an hour.

The goal is moving at speed to generate ideas and bring cross-functional teams into the conversation, leading to faster innovation and more meaningful outcomes.

Plus, it’s a tonne of fun!

Secure a competitive advantage with our full-day workshops beginning at €350. 
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Sustainable Consultancy

With experience at Circular Design Europe and Johnson & Johnson, implementing sustainable projects with a view to longevity, we're passionate about creating solutions that are beneficial both from an environmental and economic standpoint.

We can help you with:
-Improving environmental and social performance
-Emphasizing C.S.R. (Corporate Social Responsibility) 
-Compliance with existing and future legislation
-Enhancing brand reputation and trust 
-Raising staff retention and motivation

(We're also great listeners, which can be seen in our deep, pensive thoughts here)

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Product Design Services

We've worked with companies to create a broad range of sustainable goods, including sporting equipment, wearable tech, medical device designs, waste bin systems and furniture (of course).

Our services include:
-Idea Generation
-Concept Development
-3D CAD Modelling
-Photo-realistic Rendering 
-Prototyping (3D-Printing, Model Making)
-Graphic Design

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Work-space and Home Design

With our emphasis on furniture design, we love creating sustainable work-spaces that increase efficiency, productivity and overall H-Levels (happiness!).

We offer:
-Floorspace Redesign
-Desk Design
-Wall Murals
-Collaboration Workspace
-Storage Solutions

Or just about anything else your work place needs (except the kitchen sink)

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