About Us


Just like home.

Fox in a Box is a disruptive start-up, creating sustainable flat-pack furniture without the frustrating assembly process. The initial idea was founded in 2017 by Chris Barrett, a product designer from Knocknagoshel, Co. Kerry, who had grown tired of the unnecessarily complex assembly process of existing flat-pack furniture. Chris was not alone in this frustration and a quick Google search will show that the highest ranked results for “flat-pack furniture” are services to assemble, not sell.

In an age of wondrous manufacturing technology, Chris struggled to see how this outdated flat-pack furniture still holds a strong grip on the market and utilising his expertise in digital manufacturing, like laser cutting and 3D printing, Chris began to create solutions that could be easily assembled in an interesting manner.

Knowing that a team can’t work with just one person, Chris enlisted the business prowess of Séan O’ Donoghue, who paired up and entered Start-Up weekend Limerick in late 2017. The duo managed to secure a contract to design, manufacture and fit a suite of office desks for InkVine Consultancy in Limerick, along with laser cut accessories. Serial entrepreneur and founder of InkVine, Emily Ross had been so impressed with the work she has continues to mentor the company.

The furniture would then be resided to part-time duty, as Chris and Séan continued their studies in the University of Limerick. An agreement was made to allow Séan first opportunity to work with Fox in a Box when officially launched, alongside Lisa Murphy, product designer from Keel. Chris would continue to run the business, occasionally drafting in assistance when required. Keen to design with a sustainable approach, Chris was accepted into a leading innovation internship, Circular Design Europe in Barcelona. Here, Chris got the practical expertise to create innovative, sustainable solutions and upon returning home, had a desire to apply these again to furniture.

In the summer of 2019, Chris moved to Berlin, Germany working from MotionLab, a shared creative space with access to high level prototyping equipment. Here, he met Paulina, who’s desire for business is matched only by her sheer ability to get things done. And fast. Paulina was enlisted as a business relations intern, functioning as the company’s spokesperson in Berlin.

Back home, Kerry has always remained a strong inspirational factor for Chris and he’s incredibly passionate about his home and the people there (pictured is his father). This is mirrored in the design work, as the current Fox in a Box range heavily emphasises the importance of storytelling in the home, wherever that may be. With the current housing climate and a popular nomadic lifestyle choice, the concept of home is becoming uncertain. With the Fadó table, Fox in a Box aims to allow the user to carry home with them wherever they go, ensuring that the feeling of Kerry is never too far away.


Who We Are

Chris- Founder
Chris launched Fox in a Box Furniture in 2017, determined to unsettle the furniture industry. With several awards from “Enterprise Ireland's Student Entrepreneur Awards”, “OrangeBox Design” and “Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneur”, Chris matches this passion for start-ups with experience at Circular Design Europe in Barcelona.

Lisa- Product Designer
Fellow Circular Design Europe graduate, Lisa also has ample experience in the start-up world, co-founding a sustainable backpack company. Lisa’s tenacity in the start-up industry is matched by her outstanding academic achievements, receiving a first class honours at the Univeristy of Limerick, studying Product Design and Technology.